The Forte Village, Sardinia

Recognised as one of the best luxurious resorts in the world in the past decades, the Forte Village has embarked on the most ambitious regeneration program entering a new stunning era of beauty and superior standing. Quintessential luxury and outstanding quality are the essential traits of this rare place, which we will reluctantly call a ‘resort’ - as without any doubts - rather than a resort, this is the nearest thing to a paradise on earth!

The attention to detail and the level of customer service at the Forte Village are simply unparalleled. You can ask for a private jet to fetch and take you all the way to Sardinia (yes, this is one of their services!!!) -surely that takes the stress away and you will not have to trot through lengthy airport queues during the holiday season.

The combination of being in one of the most beautiful islands in the world and enjoying the outstanding natural beauty of the Forte Village parks, gardens and seaside is, believe it or not, only the beginning of an incredible experience. The place is so big that you and your family will be escorted in a golf cart to your unique villa with a private pool, and in addition to your own butler (yes, your own butler!!!) you will have access, if you are a health freak, to a team of nutritionists, personal trainers and beauty consultants to help you design your unique wellness experience in full comfort.

This paradise already offers to sun seekers private villas, 7 hotels, 20 some restaurants, swimming pools, thalasso therapy, spa, tennis courts and many more other perks. And yes, they have now added the Forte Village Arena where we enjoyed an impromptu performance of Anastasia last summer. Guess what, there will be more performances to look forward to this summer – you will be able to enjoy opera by famous opera singers under the starred Sardinian sky.

The Forte Village’s motto is “where the extraordinary happens every day” - the sensational holiday experience designed to cater for the entire family, which, amongst many other things, has gained this beautiful place the awards of the world’s best ‘Luxury Family Resort and World’s best Sport Academy’. Where else do you get sport legends to run academy courses for the young ones in such beautiful and healthy surroundings? Chelsea Football Club, one of the most successful clubs in the English Premier League brings every year its legendary champions to teach at the Forte Village Sport Academy.

It does not stop with football - basketball, bike, rugby, tennis, - all of these are providing an amazing range of options.

The Children’s Wonderland

The entertainment of children reaches its very best with the Children’s Wonderland space where supervised games are arranged every day or at the Dance Academy where adults and children can enjoy a classical dance and ballet.

Unspoiled wild nature, babysitting, games, sea side, luxurious interior design, sunshine - we thought we had seen it all, but then, here comes the icing on the cake - the Forte Junior Chef Academy, where children can join their parents in cooking lessons, and wait… just before you thought this was done in an ordinary fashion ☺ …the Junior Chef Academy is run by the Michelin Star Chefs with a TV celebrity such as Gordon Ramsay (Hell’s Kitchen, Junior Master Chef), Carlo Cracco (Master Chef), Alfons Schuhbeck (the King of Spices) making a regular appearance at the Forte Village gourmet restaurants where the best ingredients come directly from the Forte’s own Fruit and Vegetable Garden. This can be highly addictive!

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